Call for Papers 2025

Call for papers 2025

Call for papers

The objective of the congress is to bring together international scholars and practitioners from different disciplines and different countries working to advance knowledge on luxury marketing.
We invite papers from academics of all disciplines and from practitioners with experience and points of view on luxury.

Paper Submissions

Scientific committee 2025


George Balabanis (City university London, UK), Marie‐Cécile Cervellon (EDHEC, France), Jean‐Louis Chandon (International University of Monaco, Monaco), George Christodoulides (American University of Sharjah, UAE), Darren Dahl (University of British Columbia, Canada), David Dubois (INSEAD, France), Angy Geerts (Université de Mons, Belgium), Silvia Grappi (University of Modena & Reggio Emilia, Italy), Youngjee Han (Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea), Oliver Heil (University of Mainz, Germany), Aurélie Hemonnet (IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, France), Liselot Hudders (Ghent, Belgium), Barbara Kahn (The Wharton School, USA), Jean‐Noël Kapferer (OMNES Education & HEC, France), Anat Keinan (Boston University, USA), Aurélie Kessous (University Aix-Marseille, France), Philipp Klaus (International University of Monaco, Monaco), Eunju Ko (Yonsei University, South Korea), Gilles Laurent (ESSEC, France), Géraldine Michel (IAE Paris, France), Felicitas Morhart (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Maureen Morrin (Rutgers University, USA), Hans Mühlbacher (International University of Monaco, Monaco), Joseph Nunes (University of Southern California, USA), Mario Pandelaere (Virginia Tech, USA), Béatrice Parguel (CNRS & Paris-Dauphine, France), Michel Pham (Columbia University, USA), Paurav Shukla (University of Southampton, UK), Bernd Schmitt (Columbia University, USA), LJ Shrum (HEC Paris, France), Anastasia Stathopoulou (International University of Monaco, Monaco), Pierre Valette‐Florence (Université Grenoble-Alpes, France), Joëlle Vanhamme (EDHEC, France), Nathalie Veg-Sala (Université Paris Nanterre, France), Klaus‐Peter Wiedmann (University of Hannover, Germany), Keith Wilcox (Texas A&M University, USA), Arch Woodside (Boston College, USA), Judy Zaichkowsky (Simon Fraser University, Canada), John Zhang (The Wharton School, USA).


Anastasia Stathopoulou & Pierre Valette-Florence


Since 2000, we have observed a very strong growth in the sales of the Luxury sector. At the same time, the number of academic articles devoted to Luxury has increased exponentially. Accordingly, the objective of the fifth edition of the biennial Monaco Symposium on Luxury is to advance knowledge on luxury marketing by bringing together international scholars from different disciplines and top-level practitioners working in the field of luxury from all over the world. The formal program comprises both academic sessions with academic research papers and one business-oriented session with presentations open to academics as well as consultants and business managers. In addition to this formal program, a friendly and informal atmosphere of exchange between academics and practitioners characterizes the Symposium. In that spirit, each academic paper will be given a full 30 minutes for presentation in order to facilitate exchanges between participants and allow ample time for questions from and interactions with academics and managers.

We invite papers from academics of all disciplines and from practitioners with experience and points of view on luxury. Papers may be based on, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Luxury in the digital age
  • Customization and digital innovation for luxury brands
  • Contribution of technology to luxury goods and services
  • Social media and luxury
  • New concepts to better understand luxury consumers: psychology and social interactions
  • The growing importance of experience in luxury
  • Premium vs. luxury, downward extensions, democratization, masstige
  • Cross-cultural consumer segmentations for luxury
  • Brand personality, consumer personality, media personality
  • Luxury for different age cohorts
  • Generativity in luxury
  • Counterfeiting from the consumer side
  • Managing luxury brands: brand equity, personality, extensions, etc.
  • Hyper luxury, upward extensions
  • Luxury: global vs. local strategies
  • Balancing tradition and innovation for luxury
  • Luxury and sustainable development
  • Social responsibility in the luxury industry
  • Luxury communication: traditional media and digital innovation
  • Managing counterfeiting from the brand side
  • Customer relationship management for luxury brands
  • Celebrity endorsement and sponsorship
  • Pricing luxury
  • New concepts in luxury retailing
  • New modes of acquisition and disposal for luxury products
  • Sensory Luxury Branding
  • Sustainable Luxury 
  • Fashion and luxury
  • Luxury fashion in the digital age
  • Managing luxury fashion brands
  • Luxury fashion and sustainable development
  • Celebrity endorsement and sponsorship for luxury fashion
  • Pricing luxury fashion
  • New modes of acquisition and disposal for luxury fashion products